East Hartford Wedding Photography

We offer portraits, photo books, collage images, slide show, print services & more

With East Hartford wedding photography, we want you to reminisce your beautiful event pictures. With full event coverage, we travel with you and your party to the locations you desire us to. Whether it be, the park, a church, the beach, or a reception hall, DL Photo and Video will take photos in each location that will make your event shine. Depending on your package, DL Photo and Video can make beautiful custom designs, seamlessly putting images together to create beautiful collages for

Albums, Books, and special prints. We want your pictures to cater to your desires so you can be fulfilled with the entirety of the product. We work with you to decide possible designs and images that you feel best to represent you and your event. We want you to feel like family and we will treat you as such, putting in our best work so you feel 100% satisfaction.

East Hartford Wedding Photography

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East Hartford Wedding Photography

Portraits have a special place in everyone’s home. Whether the portraits are unique senior pictures, studio images of your newborn or engagement photos, DL Photo and Video can capture beautiful studio or destination portraits for any occasion. With East Hartford wedding photography, we offer unparalleled services to aid you in obtaining the memorable moments with the top of the line studio equipment and upgraded professional camera equipment for both in-studio and on the go photography.

These images provide stunning memories and personalized art pieces to decorate your home. Photography permanently captures moments to preserve those magical times and can serve as a reminder to you and your loved ones. DL Photo and Video wants to create these stories with your portraits and allow you to flip through those pages with a simple look. You can share these stories for all occasions: during events (birthday photography, special event photography, corporate event photography) or purely to keep the memories hanging in a special place in your home.

Photobooks & Picture CDs

These products are included in some or all of our East Hartford wedding photography packages. Our beautifully selected albums match the event perfectly and will be something to hold on to forever. Our photo books are custom designed books that come in a variety of styles. Photo books can come in glossy or matte style and can be various sizes. These books are designed and sent to our partner printing company to ensure the highest quality. These photo books are not run-of-the-mill albums and bring a fantastic touch to your event memories.

Picture CDs are included in all packages. All of the photos that were taken during your event will be given to you unedited to do as you choose! You can send them to friends and family with no hassle. Our products are of the highest quality and it is our promise that you will be provided with nothing less than the best.

East Hartford Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography Offering Slide Shows

Our East Hartford wedding photography can provide you unique services during your event! Slide Shows are effective for sharing young photos of your child, couple photos from the beginning of your relationship, or even company photos to show the growth of your business. We set you up with our projector and screen and it can be played at any time fro the event! Add some extra flare to your event and share some of the moments you’ve already made!

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